Wednesday, June 17, 2009

one of my favorite Jay-z verse's ever!

Best Jay-Z verse' in my opinion: "Dead Presidents" the (original version).

"While others kick that Wonderama shit,

Me and my conglomerate shall remain anonymous

Caught up in the finest shit

Live out my dreams until my heart give out

Involving CREAM, you know exactly what this shits about

Fuck y'all mean?

Handlin' since a teen, I dish out

Like the point guard off your favorite team; without doubt

My life ain't rosy, but I roll with it

My mind was fine till the dough hit it

And told me that the Mo' did it

And now it's kosher shit is so acidic

I'll blow a digit on a diamond in a minute, but, no bitches

Watch how I'm walkin' cause even the thoroughest niggas be narcin'

Tryin' to strike a bargain, hopin' that they might get pardoned

Shit I'm involved with got me pins and needles

And my cerebral breeds the wickedest evil

Thoughts that this sport will feed you

Peep facts:

In the game so deep,

Fiends can catch a freeze off my knee cap

Can y'all believe that?

Got the city drinkin' Cristal, we upped the fee

Rappers going broke tryin' to keep up with me

My rise to riches surprised the bitches

Think harder;

You know this nigga

Jay-Z, Sean Carter

G.S.-ed the fuck up, tree-es (trees) the fuck up

Watch me shine like a Breitling, Breguets the fuck up

All rhymers forget it like Alzheimers

Small timers, I said it

I'm adressin' all drama

Talk to me"

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