Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fashion at work in Teen Vogue: The Fashion Closet

Words can't describe how excited I am to start interning at Teen Vogue working in the fashion closet. With the fashion closet being the center of the magazine it requires working long hours and one would have to be extremely determined and motivated to be successful in the magazine industry. Luckily with previous experience working in the showroom for designer Jeffrey Monteiro I've learned all about tracking samples and that is what working in the fashion closet for any magazine consists of. The readers of Walking In Heels will get the chance to share this experience with me. I will be blogging everyday I spend at Teen Vogue and documenting all the hard work that goes into interning for a magazine through my "Diary of an intern" posts like I did in the summer at my last internship with designer Jeffrey Monteiro. Below is a video of what actually goes on while working in the fashion industry and at Teen Vogue.