Monday, August 16, 2010

Kayla Mayhew

Cintia Dicker: Marie Claire France September 2010

New Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell "Stem" Hiking Boot

I have wanted these boots all spring/summer and now I finally have them! LF is having their end of the season sale and of course I didn't hesitate to go on in. About two months ago I purchase the Jeffrey Campbell "Foxy"s from LF full priced. As soon as I walked in I seen the Foxy's still there in my size the only thing different was they were now on sale (-_-). Don't you hate when that happens? I initially went into LF for these boots only but I was distracted by the fact the whole entire store was 60% off. By the time I made it into the store everything was picked over and only size large was left. Devastated wouldn't have been the word if my size wasn't left in these boots. It was meant for me to have these because my size was still available. The "Stem" hiking boot retailed for $202.00 and I got them on sale for $88.00! Fall can't come soon enough I'm so ready to play around with layers and wear all my JC shoes I have been purchasing all summer for the upcoming fall/winter season.

Diary of an intern: Week 10

Last week was very exciting and relaxed. I spent most of my time walking the streets of New York and getting things done at my own pace. On Tuesday when I arrived to the showroom I was asked to walk around all of SOHO and look for store fronts that were available for lease. Jeffrey is on the process of opening up his own store and moving into a new showroom space. After I was finished I was then asked to go to Barney's on Madison Ave. to merchandise and check the racks to makes sure all sizes were filled and check their back stock. When I arrived the racks were very disorganized and certain pieces needed sizes to be filled. After spending an hour in the store merchandising and checking back stock I headed back downtown to the showroom. On Thursday I spent the whole entire day in the showroom in front of the computer sending emails with the fall 2010 look book attached to everyone who shops Jeffrey Monteiro. I also had to send out had copies of the fall 2010 look book to those who shop Jeffrey Monteiro as well. This is was way easier said than done and took me all day to complete it.