Wednesday, August 25, 2010

JAY-Z X ABSOLUT: NY-Z Documentary

As far as the background story goes, we’ve heard most of this before. Jay discussing the influence of his parents’ collection of classic soul, his love of New York, what it means to perform at Madison Square Garden. I think what’s crazy though is how the context of the conversation keeps changing. What makes his career so important to Hip-Hop is the experience of seeing just how far he can really take it. Every time we see him, the collaborations are bigger, the imagery is more iconic and the story becomes more legendary.

Karolina Kurkova: VOGUE Spain September 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Diary of an intern: Week 12

This summer I was blessed with the opportunity to intern at Jeffrey Monteiro in New York. For those who are not familiar with Jeffrey Monteiro he is the design director at Bill Blass while developing and designing his own private label. I got hired as the PR/Sales intern in May started in June and end in August. This summer I have proved to myself and to others that what might seem impossible is possible. I commuted all summer to New York to be present at my internship on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Every Monday and Wednesday night at 2:15 a.m I caught the local Greyhound bus and arrived to New York Tuesday and Thursday at 8:55 a.m depending on traffic and weather conditions. Stopped off at a cafe close to the Port Authority bus terminal and had coffee and breakfast then catch the downtown train to SOHO to be inside the showroom no later than 10:00 a.m. I had to take the local Greyhound that stopped in every part of Connecticut before arriving to New York because it was the only bus that arrived closest to time I was expected at my internship. After I was done completing typical intern duties I caught the bus back to Boston. Most of my days consisted of running errands in the garment district, tracking samples for editorial or stylist pulls, accounting, and sales. Their were days when I sat in front of the computer answer phones and send out numerous amounts of emails. Coming into this whole experience and being from Boston I was familiar with New York by coming to the city for events like Bridal Fashion and Fashion week. Not enough to get around on my own. Whenever I would visit I would take taxi's almost everywhere. This summer I was thrown into Manhattan and had to get around all by myself. Finally I understand the crazy transit system and I own a metro card. I'm moving to New York for good in December so I will be well prepared. Their were days I felt like quitting and didn't feel like commuting back and forth but giving up was never an option. I felt like I was all alone and on an emotional roller coaster that no one would understand. Sacrifices had to be made in order for me to remain focused such as spending time with close friends and giving up those nights to relax and party like everyone else. I always had to keep in mind that those same people that are out partying all the time are not doing anything productive like I was doing. In this industry it boils down to who you know, who you worked or interned for, and the amount of hard work you put in. People would love to have some of the opportunities that I have been blessed with like sitting second row at NY Fashion Week, volunteering with Anne Bowen for Bridal Fashion Week, interning with Brian Reyes and Jeffrey Monteiro. I have accomplished a lot so far at the age of twenty and sometimes I don't give myself enough credit but I am doing better than others and knowing that keeps me humble and driven to impact lives and inspire others to follow their dreams. This summer I learned so much about the Fashion Industry and what actually occurs behind the scenes. It's not as glamorous as it appears on the television or how one might think. Its highly competitive, expectations are high, and if their are tasks that you can't complete you will gladly be replaced by someone else. You are expected to have knowledge in everything you are asked to do no matter how crazy or new it might seem. In the Fashion Industry people are very cold and will always try to belittle you. The sleepless nights and uncomfortable bus rides were worth it and I strongly believe my hard will not go unnoticed and will pay off for me in the future. I devoted my whole summer to commuting to my internship at Jeffrey Monteiro. I've met some amazing people in the Fashion Industry and became more familiar with New York. This was an amazing learning experience and one that I will never forget. I'm so proud of myself for never giving up and making the impossible possible.

Anthea Maree: ELLE Indonesia September 2010

Va$htie Kola

Monday, August 23, 2010

Edita Vilkeviciute: Numero 116 September 2010

Happy 21st Birthday Amelia

Yesterday was Amelia's 21st birthday so she invited all over closest friends to celebrate her special day at the "Woodward" restaurant in the "Ames" hotel on State Street for dinner, cupcakes, and champagne. When everyone arrived and it was time to order I decided to get a caesar salad to make up for my poor eating habits lately and a side of breaded macaroni and cheese. After consuming my own meal and eat off other plates around the dinner table it was time for the cupcake cake and sing happy birthday. Their were so many cupcakes to choose from I chose the oreo cupcake and took most of them home with me (-_-). It was such an amazing night and dinner was very delicious. Amelia looked so beautiful in her "Phillip Lim" dress.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Jamie Bochert: British Vogue September 2010


If you open yourself up to the beauty that surrounds you, and try to be kind to everyone you meet, you will grow more powerful as you draw the radiance of positive energy.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Kayla Mayhew

Cintia Dicker: Marie Claire France September 2010

New Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell "Stem" Hiking Boot

I have wanted these boots all spring/summer and now I finally have them! LF is having their end of the season sale and of course I didn't hesitate to go on in. About two months ago I purchase the Jeffrey Campbell "Foxy"s from LF full priced. As soon as I walked in I seen the Foxy's still there in my size the only thing different was they were now on sale (-_-). Don't you hate when that happens? I initially went into LF for these boots only but I was distracted by the fact the whole entire store was 60% off. By the time I made it into the store everything was picked over and only size large was left. Devastated wouldn't have been the word if my size wasn't left in these boots. It was meant for me to have these because my size was still available. The "Stem" hiking boot retailed for $202.00 and I got them on sale for $88.00! Fall can't come soon enough I'm so ready to play around with layers and wear all my JC shoes I have been purchasing all summer for the upcoming fall/winter season.

Diary of an intern: Week 10

Last week was very exciting and relaxed. I spent most of my time walking the streets of New York and getting things done at my own pace. On Tuesday when I arrived to the showroom I was asked to walk around all of SOHO and look for store fronts that were available for lease. Jeffrey is on the process of opening up his own store and moving into a new showroom space. After I was finished I was then asked to go to Barney's on Madison Ave. to merchandise and check the racks to makes sure all sizes were filled and check their back stock. When I arrived the racks were very disorganized and certain pieces needed sizes to be filled. After spending an hour in the store merchandising and checking back stock I headed back downtown to the showroom. On Thursday I spent the whole entire day in the showroom in front of the computer sending emails with the fall 2010 look book attached to everyone who shops Jeffrey Monteiro. I also had to send out had copies of the fall 2010 look book to those who shop Jeffrey Monteiro as well. This is was way easier said than done and took me all day to complete it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010