Wednesday, January 19, 2011

East Village meets Brooklyn

Monday was my first and last day off from both Teen Vogue and LF. I work seven days a week so having a moment or a day to myself doesn't happen fairly often. One of the things that excites me the most about living in New York is the thrift stores! It was nice to have the whole day free from all obligations. I chose to spend it with my friends Teagan, Amber, and Kara from Teen Vogue for a day of thrifting and good eats in the city. We started off the day by meeting in front of the Conde Nast building as if it were a regular day in the life as a fashion intern. When we all arrived we headed for east village to check out "No Relations" vintage. Almost every girl at LF has been talking about how amazing of a place it is and the large amount of fur coats they have in stock. From the moment I walked in there was so many cute things hanging on every rack it became a little overwhelming. Since it was our first stop of the day I decided to do some heavy looking around and only purchased on thing. I'm obsessed with vintage purses! You can never have too many bags! I found a grey shoulder bag with great detail for only $10 dollars! Our next stop was "East Village Vintage" there I found a vintage Valentino printed over sized button up for $10 dollars! Their was a nice little Japanese restaurant next door called "Shima" so we all decided to get a bite to eat before we went elsewhere. I ordered a lunchbox special that included miso soup, spicy california roll, green salad, chicken wings, and chicken teriyaki with a side of rice. It sounds like a lot but the portions were fairly small. After lunch we made our way to Brooklyn for some more thrifting. Our last stop of the day was "Beacon's Closet" which has now been crowned my favorite place to shop at in all of New York! That was where I hit the jacket pot and made my best purchases of the day! I never find vintage shoes in my size so I was really excited about the pair that I did find as well as a sheer printed blouse, bucket vintage purse, and a denim jumpsuit. All in all I found six amazing new pieces for only $75 bucks! To top off our great day we had coffee, hot chocolate, and chocolate cake at this delicious cafe/restaurant called "The Chocolate Room".

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