Sunday, March 22, 2009

Complete ♥

He once said to me "you have such a natural beauty", a glow to you, compared to no other. I don't know what it is about this one but he appears to so perfect and unlike the others in a class of his own. You dress compared to no other and you draw attention in every room you enter. I always laugh and say to myself these girls must hate me. But together they will love us! Your bold responses keep my on my toes and well entertained. I love how you digg the shit out of me. From head to toe including my style. You look beyond this pretty face and into my true beauty that comes from within. We compliment each other so well and I want you to know I have your best interest at heart. We have so much more to ask and learn about one another. But for the time being I am loving where this is going.

California Dreaming

I have this vision a dream. There is a journey that I wish to travel but I sometimes find myself questioning will I ever get there? I have all the ambition, patience, determination, originality and passion for this art that I love but is that even enough. As the days continue to go by I wonder sooner or later my leave of absence is about to dawn. It is now up to me to drive my future in the direction I plan to go in. Am I ready? to take on life's challenges by myself. It's funny because I had it all planned out. I wish things went as planned. Now for the first time I can admit "I don't have a clue". I know what I want and I know how to go out and get it. But the unsolved problems in my early childhood has forever shattered the confidence I try to portray to others. Then one day I said to myself "FUCK THIS".
I am a women of Class, Style Beauty, Motivation, Drive, and Determination. I am ready for life's challenges. I know I will be well on my way. My passion and love for this form of art is way too strong to leave it in the dark. No one has all the answers but I can say this journey that I am about to travel on it's mine for the taking. Someone once told me I was "the light that shines so bright" meaning i have something that others don't. There is a Star that lies beneath the surface waiting for it's time shine. Soon you will see.

Life is all about taking risks and so is the fashion industry all I can say is California here I come.
My Dream Transfer School. I hope I Get In!