Monday, February 15, 2010

NY Fashion Week

On Saturday morning I had to wake up really early and catch the bus to New York for Fashion Week. I arrive to south station around 9 and caught the 9:45 bus. Already running behind schedule 45 minutes from Boston the bus breaks down on the highway. It took almost an hour for the back up bus to arrive where we broke down, not to mention transporting all the passengers from one bus to the other. Of course with my luck this would happen to me on one of the most important days of my life. At this point I thought I was never going to make it to New York and I wouldn't be able to attend Fashion Week. Back in route I arrived in New York City at 3 p.m. and that was the time the fashion show for the Academy of Art University started that I had tickets for. I flagged down a cab and headed for Bryant Park. By the time I got inside the show was almost over, and it was too late to stand in and watch the show. I felt like crying at this point, but something told me to stay inside the tents and start making conversation with the people surrounded by me. Raytifa arrives and a photographer for the event wanted to talk to us and take pictures. We had a long and good conversation and finally he asks us did we see any shows and I told him how my day was ruined by the Fung Wah. He told us how we could get tickets into the next show "Twinkle By Wenlan" Fall 2010. Before I knew it I had a ticket in my hand and I was waiting in line to be seated. While in line I met a women who owns her own branding company and she was giving me some good advice about the industry. I told her my interests and what I would like to do with my career and she now wants me to be a guess blogger for her and write some articles for her so I can get my name out there. It felt to good to be true walking into the tent alongside the most important people in the industry was like a dream come true. Raytifa and I was blessed with the opportunity to be seated in the second row inches away from Ms. J from ANTM and Angela Simmons who were both seated in the first row. At any fashion show the first two rows are the most important places to be seated anything after that doesn't even matter. The lights cut off and the music started playing and before I knew it models were gliding down the runway. The Twinkle By Wenlan Fall 2010 collection was amazing. Using the woods as a muse to create silhouettes that played nicely with chunky knits and slim fitting shorts. The color palette consisted of damp neon brights, mustard yellow, olive green, royal blue, deeply inked purple, fermented gold, and blacks that paired with nudes. Textures included vintage wools, silk, and nude sheer chiffon. The models flaunted hardware that consisted of beads, chains, and studs which exposed the zippers in gun metal putting emphasis on the designs. This collection told a playful dark gothic fairy tale. After the show I took pictures with Angela Simmons and tried to get into some other shows. While inside the tents we saw Anna Wintour, Nolle Marin, Mrs. J, Rachel Zoe, and Angela Simmons. There were also contestants from different seasons of Project Runway walking around from time to time. I had an amazing time and this experience is something I will never forget. Below are pictures from inside the tents and inside the Twinkle By Wenlan fashion show. Don't forget to check out the videos I posted from the show as well.