Thursday, February 24, 2011

Monday: East Village meets Brooklyn

This past Monday I had the day off from my hectic schedule in honor of President's Day. Any free time I get while I'm currently living in New York I dedicated to going thrifting. It felt so great to not be bothered by my alarm clock going off and interrupting my sleep. I got to sleep in which I haven't done in a long time and spend the day doing what I'm best at SHOPPING! I started off at "No Relations" in East Village, it must have been my lucky day because I found the perfect fur coat that I've been in search of all season. Its black with some added grey areas and greatly over sized, not your typical colored fur coat but that's what makes it special. After leaving the East Village I grabbed a quick lunch from Chipotle before heading to Brooklyn for more vintage shopping. Those of you who don't know, I'm a sucker for a burrito! One of my favorite thrift stores in New York is "Beacon's Closet"! I've been to the Park Slope location but I was curios to see the Williamsburg location as well. Turns out I like the Williamsburg location better due to the fact it's so much bigger and they have so many shoes and vintage purses to choose from! I bought yet another purse, a suede printed cropped blouse with buttons going down the back, and a pair of leather boots with colored patches. I've been wearing my boots since I bought them and they hurt my feet unfortunately (-_-) I hope they stretch soon! Before heading home I stopped in the "Salvation Army" and "The Urban Jungle Vintage Warehouse" but I didn't see anything that captured my attention. Juggling Teen Vogue and my job leaves very little time to do all the stuff I would like to do during my time here but any chance I get I will be spending it in "No Relations" and "Beacon's Closet"!