Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kayla Mayhew

As fashion continues to evolve there is always room for fashion obsessed individuals and up and coming talent. Cambridge native model Kayla Mayhew has dreams to grace the covers of magazines and walk down the runways for countless designers but most importantly be a role model for woman all over the world. With such unique bone structure that hasn't been seen in a while and the hunger and motivation that she has to turn her dreams into reality the fashion industry holds a special place for her. Whether it may be modeling or the creative eye behind the editorials published in magazines. She is currently shooting every Friday in New York City with photographer Alicia Martin to improve and establish a solid portfolio. Recently I was able to catch up with the aspiring model and have a brief conversation about her career goals and here is what she had to say for herself to the readers of Walking In Heels:

Hello everyone, I'm no journalist but hopefully I can interest you! My name is Kayla, born and raised in Camrbidge MA. I've never been much of a left sided brain user, which is what has lead me to love my right side. Currently majoring in Advertising (Art Direction) at Temple University, I would love to become a big time creative director (Joe Zee's job would be fantastic) for a fashion magazine (this is also known as my dream job). Currently interning at Philly Style Magazine (under rep of Niche Media) I am trying to find my way. I would say that I am good at putting things together, and not just outfits. Visual concepts that are known as editorials are what I am attracted to! It's mostly the art that exist within each, and I take it pretty seriously. This form of art I believe gathers the best of design involving layout choice, photography, the gorgeous and out of this world clothing, and lastly but certainly not least the models. Who can forget the models! Being 5'10'' I have always appreciated the work that models do. I love fashion and style so the two go hand in hand. I love high heels and I love dressing up and I love the evolution we see each year on the runway. Fashion speaks to me because it represents art for the body. Why not right? There is art for your walls at home, and art for the parks you walk through as well as the art on the sides of buildings. My number one aspiration is to become an iconic fashion model (who wouldn't want to right?) I love clothes, and I love showing them off.

Whether it may be behind the scenes or in front of the camera her talent will lead her to a successful career.
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Photographed by: Alicia Martin