Tuesday, February 9, 2010

OMG shoes

There is nothing that I love more than a double platform shoe.
These shoes are amazing, I wish I could have them.

Bianca Balti

Numéro #110

my 10 favorite things in my closet

I love oversized plaids, I have a whole bunch of these to choose from.

(American Apparel vintage oversized plaid)
This is my favorite tank top that I own, last spring I got this from a boutique called Stel's.

(Alexander Wang tank)
Last year I brought this hooded silk blouse/dress on sale at Marc Jacobs
This is a collection piece and it retailed at $228 but I got it on sale for $25.

(Marc Jacobs silk blouse)
For christmas I got this studded silk cardigan from the "trend" section in H&M
I can't wait to wear it.

(H&M embellished silk cardigan)
It took me so long to come across a vintage oversized denim jacket
I finally found one and I am in love with it.

(American Apparel vintage oversized denim jacket)
For Boston Fashion Week, I went to a vintage fashion show
after the show the clothing from the runway was able to be purchased.

(Vintage padded floral dress)
These are my favorite jeans besides my G-Star denim that I own
I wear them almost everyday with everything.
I had them for almost 3 years and they have become worn out.

(Levi's Capitol E denim)
I brought this coat from the "trend" section in H&M because of the huge collar
I don't wear it as much because the wool bothers me after a while.

(H&M cowl neck wool coat)
When I first saw these shoes in LF it was like love at first sight
I didn't care that they cost $200 I had to have them, this was one of my best purchases
that I ever made.

(Matiko double platform wedges)
I love my Moon Boots, I got them from the Tannery a while ago
this winter wasn't as bad as last years so I didn't get much use out of them this year.
They are so comfortable!

(Moon Boots)

What are some of your favorite things in your closet?
Leave a comment below!