Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Horoscope: Tuesday, November 9th 2010

This is the first day of the rest of your life. You've most likely heard that adage before. Let's take it a step farther. This is the first moment of the rest of your moments. That's what it comes down to today. You will need to be ready, willing, and able if you are to seize an opportunity that comes up quickly. The moment you recognize that you have the chance to make your life better in some way today, grab it. This special break can disappear just as fast as it came.

Words can't describe how I've been feeling, I'm starting to believe in that famous saying good things come to those who wait. Filled with pure happiness and learning to live more carefree. I finally feel like all of my dreams are coming true and my hard work and dedication is paying off. This week has been one of the best thus far of this year. Just last week I was sitting in my internship seminar class and was doing research for an assignment. We were asked to research companies that we would like to intern or work for in the near future. My choices were Marie Claire, Teen Vogue, Style Caster and KRUPP. Monday evening I applied for three internships to work in the fashion closet or public relations and sales with Anna Sui, Teen Vogue, and the Vogue Paris offices in New York. I heard back from Style Caster two weeks prior to come in for an interview to work in the fashion closet. I heard back from Teen Vogue first thing Tuesday morning, nearly fainting after I received the email. I also received an email from Style Caster to try and make it in for an interview. So I decided to just kill two birds in one stone and schedule interviews on the same day. Tomorrow I have an interview with Teen Vogue at 11am and Style Caster at 2pm! I'm so excited and I want to thank everyone who wished me the best of luck, I appreciate all of your positive energy.