Monday, August 9, 2010

Marie Claire Internship

Re: Chloe Manigo Resume: Fall Internship
Molly Dickson

To:chloe manigo

Hi Chloe,
Thank you so much for your application!! Here is a bit more
information about the position:

Thank you for your interest in Marie Claire Magazine,

I just want it noted that this position is going to require long
hours, and you are in a fashion closet dealing with clothing samples
and will be on your feet all the time, helping the Fashion Editors. It
is great you have editorial fashion experience that is a plus . This
is not an editorial position which means there is no writing involved.
The fashion department is responsible for the fashion direction and
photo spreads in the magazine. If you are still interested I will be
more than happy to bring you in for an interview. Please let me know
your availability for next week. Please email me back at I will be monitoring all internship
inquiries from there. Thank you! Please note that we require a FULL 4
to 5 day a week commitment from August to December.

If you meet these requirements and are able to receive college credit
I would love to talk to you further about setting up a time to

Looking forward to speaking with you soon,



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