Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Boston Fashion Week: Lily & Migs

I've been obsessed with sheer maxi dresses and leopard print as of late. Last Tuesday I was invited to attend the Lily & Migs fashion show in the tents at Boston Fashion Week. This was the first year that the local designers of Boston would be showcasing their collections in one place. I have to admit that I wasn't expecting it to go as smoothly as it did, although there're some things that need improvement. When I arrived to the Mandarine Oriental hotel where the tents were located, I stopped for pictures and drinks while mixing and mingling with my fellow Boston bloggers before the show started. I was seated in the third row but was moved to the front row near the press pit by the Boston Fashion Week founder Jay Calderin, he then asked to take photos of me. It must have been the huge bun and colorful sheer maxi that caught his attention! When the Lily & Migs show started and the first model walked down the runway, the fishtail braids and make-up immediately caught my attention. I loved the ruffles, sheer fabrics, and feminine pieces; although, the styling could have been much better. After the show I stopped for more pictures and then headed to the Lily & Migs after-party in their showroom on Newbury Street.

Photo Credit: Caitlin Gury

Nom de Plume sheer maxi (UO)
Jeffrey Campbell "Mountain" leopard clog (LF)
Vintage sunglasses (Thrifted)


  1. You look great! wish I had gone to the show too. Saw pics and loved the stuff.

  2. Dear, I don't need to check your other post to say I'll follow you via Bloglovin'! Just with that post I can realize how stylish you are! But i'll check your other posts because I want get inspiration! ;)


  3. Seriously love that dress! Great seeing you during BFW!

  4. You look great - wish I could have seen you there - it's been too long, lady!

  5. Thanks everyone! I had a blast at Boston Fashion week and Kristen I wish I would've seen you!

    Cri! Thanks so much for your kind words and I'm so happy to hear that my posts inspire you!