Thursday, July 28, 2011

Invite: Bloggers Wardrobe

The other day I received an invitation to join "Bloggers Wardrobe". For those who aren't familiar, it is an amazing site where top bloggers from all over the world and top brands collaborate to present a web shop of assortment just for todays bloggers to shop from. This a great way for brands to know who their demographic is. Fashion industry insiders and many others look to style bloggers for inspiration and to know what it is people are buying or trends that shall become popular amongst ordinary people. It would be such an honor and a chance of a lifetime to be apart of such an awesome project! This would be a great opportunity for "Walking In Heels" and other great perks but most importantly sharing my thoughts as a journalist and reporter in fashion. I would also like to participate in the blogger workshops and network with the individuals behind some or your favorite sites. Please check out "Bloggers Wardrobe" for yourself!

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