Tuesday, February 8, 2011


By sight in Los Angeles, the sun kisses everything. It casts the world in a glow of hazy blues and mellow yellows, this is a unique place. The city landscape does not interfere with a sense of peace and isolation. There is a stillness like no other, and the geometric buildings rising silently from nature. Beautiful people have been lured here by fame. They preach in the minimalist angles of houses tucked into the hills. They can see the future on the pacific horizon and it's looking bright. Los Angeles is salty and sweet. Through intuition Los Angeles is built on dreams and you can feel them all around you. Your dreams mingle with the dreams of others. A collective energy that drives the fierce creative force of the city. Be a star or just live like one. Opulent minimalism, laid-back, yet impeccably styled. West-facing beaches offer a perfect sunset every night. Flawless lighting is key accompanied by city views from lavish hilltop rooms, fashion has personality and personality has fashion. New York City will always have a special place in my heart but I'm in search of something else somewhere else.

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