Monday, December 6, 2010

LITA x Manhattan

This past weekend on Saturday I went to New York for an Interview at LF on 5th Avenue. I left Boston and headed for the city around 9:30 am and arrived around 2:00 pm. The week prior I've been applying for jobs so that I'll have everything in place when I move within the next three weeks. When I walked into LF the two girls on the sales floor immediately complimenting me on my black leather distressed LITAS I was wearing paired with my vintage floral dress I bought last year at a vintage fashion show during Boston Fashion Week. I started making great conversation with both girls about my move to the city and clothing of course as I waited for my interview. Overall I feel that it went well and I'm hoping to hear something back later on this week after my references have been checked. LF is for sure my style and one of my favorite stores to shop in to I know it would be a great job for me while I intern as well. I also received a call from Opening Ceremony to schedule an interview this week. Being one the best stores in all of New York City and has been a company that I've always been interested in working for hopefully all will work out and I'm offered a position! Lately I've been inspired by the CHANGE that is occurring in my life. I'm learning to accept CHANGE and being less afraid by it and new experiences. As time progresses nothing should ever be expected to remain the same. Everyday you're evolving and learning something new. When I arrived back in Boston I went out to Casa Romero for mexican food and sangria with one of my best friends. This week is going to be really hectic. It's the last week of classes and I have a lot of last minute projects, assignments to complete, and studying for finals as this semester comes to an end. As you begin the first weekday of the week, make a conscious effort not to think of it as drudgery. Many people dismiss Mondays because they represent the first day of school, or work, or some mundane obligation.


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