Friday, June 18, 2010

Diary of an intern: Week 3

Last week consisted of a lot of running around from fabric store to fabric store. It was quit the busy week in Manhattan. With the "Resort 2011" Collection being shown and fall 2010 just around the corner, their has been a lot of work to be done. On Tuesday I walked all over Manhattan trying to find a specific type of fabric needed to complete a sample for the fall collection. In the process while at "Mood" in the Garment District of Manhattan I stumbled onto the set/filming of the new "Project Runway" fall 2010 season, set to air in December. It was pretty cool and unexpected but only in New York will you come across things like this just happening. On Thursday it was a very relaxed day. As soon as I arrived I had specific tasks to attend to and needed to get done in a timely manner in the city. Back inside of the showroom was far more hectic due to the fact of "Resort 2011" being shown. Their were many appointments with clients such as Gilt Group and a few others.


"Resort 2011 Collection".

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