Monday, December 14, 2009

feathers & blogs

All day long I got compliments on my earrings, whether it was walking down the street or on the train, someone stopped to say "hey I like your feathers", or "where did you get your earrings from" no matter where I went everyone loved the feathers.
This past weekend I attended the "Boston Fashion Blogger Mixer" at Luna Boston with Neira from "MissNeira". I was surprised to see how many people came out to support this event. It was so fun meeting new people and, to see how everyone views fashion and art through their blogs. I was one of the raffle winners and I won a $100 gift-card to "The Closet" and there I snagged a classic "Sonia Rykiel" sweater with dangling gold coins embellishment and a brand new pair of "French Connection" pirate boots.
I wore..
By Corpus Floral Button-Up
H&M Knee-Pad Spandex
American Apparel Ankle Socks
BDG Booties
Vintage Purse


  1. Yay to the sweater! I am so glad you got it!

  2. your top that your wearing in the 1st photo is crazy i love it!!!!!!!!

  3. & yaaaaay to feathers you can't really go wrong with 'em but i dont see alot of people with them often or pulling them off nicley but im loving it.

  4. wOoO.. I love all ur outfit..ur shirt flower...iLove it!...

    visit my blog & follow me! =;-D


  5. Love that sweater!

  6. thank you ladies! and Neira I had to get that "Sonia Rykiel" it was a once in a life time thing, I got an amazing deal on it!

  7. Yes you did!!! That is an awesome piece...enjoy!