Saturday, June 13, 2009

truth enlightens.

For the past few days there has been some areas in my life that have been questionable. I still remain to appreciate what I am blessed with. This is only a temporary situation and things will work out. With everything feeling like it is so out of control I still try to have a positive outlook on things and always try harder than I did before standing still isn't an option. Yesterday I had an interview @ Kate Spade. I feel like it went pretty well and I am feeling great about how things went. She asked for some references and told me she will be making decisions by the end of next week. I really need this so pray for me everyone! Being laid off from work fucking sucks it is so hard to find work now and days.
On another note I am considering transferring to "The Art Institute" San Francisco, CA. I have been speaking with an admissions advisor for the past two weeks. And she is very impressed by my drive and motivation that she would like for me to attend as early as "July". I am having a few mixed emotions about the sudden change. Honestly I would love to go to San Francisco I have been wanting to move out there for the longest time. The thing that scares me most is starting over.. I am a very open minded free spirit type of girl so I have no doubts it is just so different from home. I am also applying to "The Academy Of Art University" San Francisco, CA and "LIM" New York, NY. I Know for a fact I want to move out of Boston as soon as possible I just don't know if I want to stay on the "East Coast" or move out to the "West Coast"?! I have some decision making to do.

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