Thursday, June 4, 2009

put them things down.

Today went well couldn't complain. I had to be at work this morning from 10:00 am.- 6:00 pm. Time went by today pretty fast because we were preparing for our sale that only happens two times per year. Our store carries designer labels like Marni, Dries Van Noten, Balenciaga, and Neil Barret, just to name a few. Everything is going on sale (50%-60%) off. From inventory to merchandising.. It turned out to be a productive day. After I got off work I met up with bestie Christina and my friend Lily to hang for a little bit.. got some grubble.. we just happened to be on our way to the Upper Crust for a slice of pizza and walked by a pre- graduation party at Harvard in Harvard Yard.. We decided to welcome ourselves and crash the party! (ha ha.. good times ladies). Of course with all of our eyes being bigger than our bellies we come across a table with various types of pasta's, and breads. "DIG IN LADIES".. Next stop Upper Crust.. (sooo greedy.. and that's fine!) Lastly we all wanted a coffee from Starbucks but it was closed unfortunately :( so we went to Ben & Jerry's instead and I ordered a " small waffle cone with cookie's and cream ice cream with M&M's as a topping" .. mmmmm yum :) .. Long day I think I am going to head home now.. Love you and talk to you tomorrow.. Have A Good Night ♥
PS: put them things down..

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