Thursday, May 21, 2009

New York/ Philly Bound.

I arrive in NYC @ 5:30 am. Breakfast anyone? I order a coffee with 5 sugars and cream, bacon, and french toast.
@ L.I.M for Interview and Tour.
Phone rings.. Hello! It's tina of course she has finally arrived!
Can we find a hostel first?
Of course I over packed for this occasion (3 MJ totes though?)
NYC's 3 stooges
NYC transit system not the brightest star compared to Boston.
O K girl
Finally found a hostel!

♥ this man.
"SHORTY" (Brooklyn would)...
Philly Bound.

The best burger in NYC :)

NYC was interesting, Philly was a blast, Boston I'm back.
Until next time "Sunshine"

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