Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Veritas Inlustrat.

Yesterday I had the best day ever. I woke up got dressed and arrived to class fashionably late.
Off to my hair appointment I go. I arrive and got me a trim and little styled cut at Jean Pierre on Newbury St.
After my hair appointment I received a call from "Louis Boston" located on Newbury St. A women by the name of Beth who I previously had my interview with back in March. She was calling me to tell me that she didn't fill the "Stylist/Sales consultant" position because she really thought I was the perfect candidate for the position. She was waiting for me to be finished with school and wants me to start the first week of May! 
My day just couldn't be complete without me going shopping. I purchased an oversized yellow distressed tank top from Marc Jacobs and a few other items from Urban Outfitters
New hair, New job, and Shopping! Today was a good day and I am truly blessed.

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