Tuesday, March 10, 2009

True Confessions Of A Shopaholic

So I wake up yesterday morning board out of my mind looking at my bank statements. I said to myself I can't spend anymore money. YEA RIGHT!!!!! that didn't stop me. It's so beautiful outside why not go on Newbury ST. My first stop was Urban Outfitters my second home. I walk in already knowing I am not walking out empty handed. I REFUSED. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED :) I brought a KIMICHI & BLUE Embroidered Poncho and Ecote Embroidered Leather Skimmers (flats) "I HAD TO GET OUT OF THERE" Next stop Marc Jacobs... hmmmm we all know what went on in there!
I don't know what it is like if I don't buy something everyday I go CRAZY! WTF this is so horrible and that's fine. FASHION FOR ME IS A LIFESTYLE MY CAREER. I will always be and forever be financially skrewed :) I AM PROUD TO SAY " I CHLOE AM A SHOPAHOLIC"

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