Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hey Girl Hey

Today I had a very good day! I wake up and watch "Young And The Restless" and "All My Children". Totally love daytime television! I finally get out of bed and decide to get dressed so I can get my day started. I later get a phone call from my long lost good friend "RAYTIFA". I haven't spoken to her since Prom. We meet at Park ST. and walked to Newbury ST. to do a little shopping and catch up on life and talk fashion. First stop Marc Jacobs then LF, and Urban Outfitters of course! Sheesh all that walking and shopping got me hungry. Cheesecake Factory here we come. (The hour long wait was well worth it) From cheeseburgers to snickers and 70th anniversary cheesecake and the unlimited FASHION CONVERSATIONS I had a blast.
It was nice seeing you today girl and I wish you all the luck when you move to NYC to pursue those big fashion dreams of yours! I will be there next year so when I arrive please be ready to conquer "The Fashion Industry" & "The City" together ♥
PS: If Anyone is in need of a Make-Up Artist she is your go to girl!

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